IRMA Water Centre

About the Centre

Water scarcity and poor water management are the burning issues facing the planet today. The ramifications for India are far more serious compared to many other countries on account of prevalence of rain-fed agriculture, low accessibility of water and the growing challenge of food security with the growing population. Water quality for both production purpose and usage as safe drinking water is also a big concern in the country as well as around the globe. Understandably, India has initiated several policies and programs, such as the National Water Mission, to address these issues. Conservation of water and its judicious use are central to any strategy of meeting water demand for current and future generations. Such initiatives need efficient implementation to ensure the water security and impactful production and livelihoods improvement. They call for coordinated and collaborative processes and partnerships. To this end, the global community has mandated “clean water and sanitation for all” under SDG-6. Given the enormity of the water challenge, IRMA has proposed to establish the ‘IRMA Water Centre’ as a Centre of Excellence in research on water policies, institutions, towrads management of water for taking care of water security, with a special focus on; Research/Study and Consultancy, Education and Capacity Building, Creating Resources Repositories, Enable action research on water efficiency-related innovations and institutions, Water-energy nexus (solar), and Model-building.

The broad purpose of the Center of Excellence is to form a community of people connected with water issues and water management for sustainable uses in efficient water management. The Centre acts as a platform that promotes a wide range of activities aimed towards water management and disseminates knowledge regarding the same. Any topic related to water is of interest. The Centre will concentrate on working on water management, policies and institution-building issues in agriculture and dairy sectors and livelihoods improvement. The center is a hub for conducting a wide range of activities such as webinars, Management Development Programmes (MDPs), conferences/seminars, courses and other academic programs for awareness creation and capacity building among the people and generation and dissemination of knowledge and publication in various forms such as research articles, newsletters, bulletins, reports of research and live projects in progress, analysis and discussion of current and modern practices and policy interventions related to water.