Director’s Message

IRMA was established in 1979 by Dr. Verghese Kurien, popularly known as the Father of the White Revolution in India. IRMA’s vision is of promoting sustainable, ecologically friendly, and equitable socio-economic development of rural people through professional management. Towards this end, IRMA has been training rural managers and producing cutting edge knowledge on rural issues over the last 41 years.

Over four decades, IRMA has played a pioneering role in providing quality education in rural management. In a rapidly growing global economy, IRMA`s commitment to knowledge creation has led to its reputation of being a knowledge institution as well as a hub for teaching, training and research. Through its flagship program, the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management), or the PGDM(RM), IRMA has not only germinated the concept of quality education in rural management and development, but actively fostered it. IRMA is also home to dedicated programmes for scholars, via the Fellow Programme in Management (Rural Management), or the FPM(RM); and the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management Executive), or the PGDM(RMX), the latter of which focuses on the learning needs of professionals with considerable work experience.

The rural management curriculum includes rigorous training in functional management areas and issues in development. The unique pedagogic style has evolved to accommodate the needs of our rural populace as well as the requirements of the industry, in order to provide a nuanced managerial perspective to the work of IRMA graduates.

IRMA’s Board of Governors is represented by eminent personalities from academia, government, and other spheres of public life. The institute has a strong body of faculty members. Our faculty body is comprised of scholars of revered and reputed institutions from around the globe. Apart from grooming the students, the faculty is committed to high quality research, thereby immensely contributing to the academia. This superlative research work leads to more enriched classroom discussions. Students experience not only a great learning culture through the faculty but also through a dedicated team of administrative staff who facilitate an excellent learning environment.

IRMA is more than a place for gaining an education; it is also a foundation for building a future with an unparalleled vision for forward-thinking rural management professionals today who can create a better world tomorrow.

Dr. Umakant Dash