IRMA Governance

Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) is registered as a Society under the Act XXI of 1860 for the Registration of Literacy, scientific and charitable societies. The objective for which the society is established is to institute facilities for education, research, training and consultancy conducive to co-operatives and other agencies engaged in economic and social development of rural communities with special reference to the rural poor.

As per the Provisions of the Act, IRMA Society is constituted by representatives from the Society Members.

IRMA Society entrusts the management of affairs of the Institute with the Governing Board, termed as the Board of Governors. The members on the Board comprise of eminent personalities from the field of education, public administration, development and co-operation, distinguished alumni and representatives of the faculty.

The Society chooses the Chairman of the Board of Governors as per the Provisions of its Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. The Society also approves the selected members of the Board of Governors.


The Director of the Institute, who is also the Member-Secretary of the IRMA Board of Governors, assumes the overall responsibilities vested in him by the Board of Governors from time-to-time. The Director acts as the representative of the Board of Governors and exercises full administrative and financial powers as conferred. Employees, including faculty members, work as per the roles defined by the Director and take charge of various functional areas. The Director, under the guidance of the Board of Governors, also prepares the standard operating procedures for administrative functions of the Institute.