Electronic Databases

A) Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy (CMIE)
1. Prowess
Prowess is a database of the financial performance of Indian companies. Annual Reports of individual companies is the principal source of this database. The database covers listed and unlisted companies. For listed companies, the database includes data sourced from stock exchanges. Prowess contains time-series data from 1989-90. It is updated continuously. Prowess contains a highly normalized database built on a sound understanding of disclosures in India on well over 27,000 companies. The Prowess database is accessed by subscribers through a specially developed software. It presents several well-formatted analytical tabulations that include ratio analysis, funds-flow analysis, benchmark and peer comparisons. The software enables querying the database and it incorporates a charting toolkit.
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2. States of India (SOI)
The States of India service provides statistics, official documents of state governments, comments of CMIE analysts on the data and CMIE forecasts on states of India. The statistics are sourced from official documents and from CMIE's own monitoring machinery. These are presented in well-formatted tabulations, which are updated regularly. The service also provides scanned copies of the original official documents, such as the Statistical Abstracts.
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3. Commodities
The Commodities database provides real-time spot and futures prices, market intelligence, historical fundamental data, and robust forecasts for agricultural crops. This database is ideal for investors, researchers, banking and non-banking financial institutions involved in the commodities markets of India. Commodities deliver data on prices for 200 varieties of 70 commodities from 150 markets. It also contains statistics on area, production, and yield until the district-level. Reports and data on the progress of agriculture, along with quantitative forecasts on production of major crops complete the product's intelligence. Commodities are updated every day by CMIE's dedicated team of analysts. CMIE analysts use the product to forecast company, industry and regional trends.
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4. Economic Outlook (EO)
The Economic Outlook provides CMIE's view on the Indian economy. It interprets new data releases continuously; provides insights by unraveling details, and weaves an updated and integrated picture of the economy. Economic Outlook provides forecasts on growth, inflation, fiscal balance, balance of payments, corporate earnings and a host of sectoral indicators. It provides its analytical view explaining these forecasts. Economic Outlook is backed by a huge depository of historical and continuously updated data. This database is available to all subscribers of the service. The service provides thousands of tabulations and charts. It also provides images of hundreds of original documents.
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B) EPW Research Foundation
The database focuses on systematic compilation and dissemination of consistent, current, and past data in time series format on various aspects of the Indian economy. The compiled data has been divided into various modules titled: Financial Markets, Banking Statistics, Domestic Product of States of India , Agricultural Statistics, Price Indices, Power Sector, Industrial Production Series, Finances of Government of India, Combined Government Finances, Annual Survey of Industries, National Accounts Statistics of India, External Sector, Finances of State Governments in India.
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C) Indiastat.com
The institute subscribes to this online database. This is the authentic source for Indian statistics collected from the best sources for information and statistics on India. Within huge database of www.indiastat.com a user at IRMA can surf through half-a-million pages containing socio-economic statistical data and useful information on India.
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D) DELNET services
We have Institutional membership of DELNET. With its headquarters at New Delhi, DELNET was established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries.
DELNET at present has nearly 4265 institutional members. With this network our users will be able to access the resources that are available across the country’s renowned libraries. It is helpful in getting the books on Inter Library Loan and photocopies of journal articles which are not available with us. This membership is a useful resource for our institute. These services are very well used by our users.
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