Contributions to IRMA Corpus

IRMA Alumni: Around 2500 IRMA alumni spread across the globe have been making a difference to the lives of the neediest. As brand ambassadors of IRMA they not only carry a positive image of the institute but also demonstrate excellence in their chosen fields. Undoubtedly, they are an asset to IRMA. IRMA alumni are represented on IRMA's Board of Governors. Several alumni members occupy important positions in Development, Government and Private organizations while many others have their own organizations. 

Alumni Contributions to Alma Mater: Giving back to the alma mater helps support the next generation of students and alumni. Contributions go toward enhancing IRMA's corpus funds, infrastructure enhancement, scholarships, and new facilities, among other things. It helps increase the stature of the college, making it a better place. It also gives the alumni a sense of satisfaction in knowing that they are furthering the aims of the institution that did so much to educate them and give them a better life. There are many reasons for the alumni to give back to their alma mater: to show appreciation for the education and development that the institution provided them, to stay connected to the college community, and to reap the social and emotional benefits associated with being donors. As far as IRMA alumni are concerned, supporting the alma mater is akin to supporting the development of rural India. 

Purpose of Contributions: Created in 1979, the institute has demonstrated 35 years of excellence. With the increasing demand for professional rural managers IRMA increased its PRM student intake from 60 to 120 in 2006 and then to 180 in 2013. This increased intake also demands increased capacity in terms of hostels, classroom, mess and other facilities along with regular maintenance of the existing and aging infrastructure. Consultancy and MDP revenue form only a small portion of the total budget. IRMA fee for the two-year programme is highly subsidized and does not generate surplus that could be diverted towards expansion plans. Alumni and others contributions are invited for the following: 

  • IRMA Corpus Fund 
  • Infrastructure Fund 
  • Renovation Fund 
  • IRMA Entrepreneurship Fellowship

We invite IRMAns to donate as individuals, groups or as PRM batches indicating the specific fund for which the contribution is made. Corpus funds are always welcome and so are funds for infrastructure such as new hostels, Centres of Excellence, an Incubator for Social Entrepreneurs. Renovation of the aging hostel buildings is a priority. Renovation of one hostel block has been estimated at Rs. 30 lakhs and one floor at Rs. 10 lakhs. Support to budding entrepreneurs, recent or past IRMAns, would be in the form of a fellowship for a year at Rs. 30,000 per month as stipend amounting to Rs. 3.60 lakh per annum. 

Online Payment Gateway: An online system for payment is available on the IRMA website for Indian and foreign currency. The donor would be required to register and fill in basic details like email (username) and account password, contact details, purpose of donation (chosen from the drop down window), payment mode (DD/Cheque/ in favour of IRMA/online) and bank details. For newly created accounts the user name and password will be emailed to user. Thereafter, the user can use the login panel to log in with his/her user name and password. Cheques will be subject to realization. 

Income Tax Exemption: Donations to IRMA are exempted from income tax in India under section 80G. The donation receipt may be generated online by the donor after successful payment and the same may be used for seeking income tax exemption under section 80 G.