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Umakant Dash

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  • Dr. Umakant Dash is the Director of the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA). Prior to joining IRMA, he was Professor & Head of the Department of H&SS, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and Adjunct Professor, Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli.

    He holds a DHS in Health System Management from Tulane University, USA, and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He has nearly two decades of experience in academia and research with institutes of national and international repute like Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Utara University of Malaysia, and Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani in areas such as Macro Economics, Financial Economics, Health Economics, Financial Management, Energy Economics, and Derivative Markets. He pursues questions of equity, efficiency, and risk protection in the Indian Health System through his research projects, funded by organizations like DFID, Rockefeller Foundation, World Health Organization, and Access Health International. He is also involved in collaborative research (through CREHS, GHLC) with other partners from countries like South Africa, Thailand, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, and the UK.

    He is a published author in referred journals like Journal of Health Management, BMC Public Health, Journal of Health Research, The Journal of Economic Asymmetries, International Journal for Equity in Health, etc. He is an active public policy expert and has been a member of various committees and expert groups of the Government of India. 


  • Gandhi, S., Gandhi, S., Dash, U., & Suresh Babu, M. (2022). Predictors of the utilisation of continuum of maternal health care services in India. BMC Health Services Research, 22(1), 1-12.
  • Padhan, H., Sahu, S. K., & Dash, U. (2022). Economic globalization and environmental quality: a study of OECD economies. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 1-20.
  • Behera, D. K., Dash, U., & Sahu, S. K. (2022). Exploring the possible sources of fiscal space for health in India: insights from political regimes. Health Research Policy and Systems, 20(1), 1-16.
  • Mahalik, M. K., Inekwe, J. N., Das, K. K., Dash, U., & Arize, A. C. (2022). Does the pattern of age dependency matter in the promotion of financial development in an emerging economy?. Applied Economics, 1-16.
  • Padhan, H., Behera, D. K., Sahu, S. K., & Dash, U. (2022). Does Corruption Hinderance Economic Growth Despite Surge of Remittance and Capital Inflows Since Economic Liberalization in an Emerging Economy, India. Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 1-24.
  • Gandhi, S., Dash, U., & Suresh Babu, M. (2022). Horizontal inequity in the utilisation of Continuum of Maternal Health care Services (CMHS) in India: an investigation of ten years of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). International journal for equity in health, 21(1), 1-15.
  • Irshad CV, Deepak Kumar Behera, Umakant Dash (2021), Participation of older adults in the intra-household decision-making activities: evidence from the longitudinal ageing study in India, Journal of Adult Protection
  • Irshad C.V., Dash U., Muraleedharan V.R.(2021), "Healthy Ageing in India; A Quantile Regression Approach", Journal of Population Ageing

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  • Conducting of Gap Analysis By IRMA of VAMNICOM,RICMs and ICMs (Coordinator)