Webinars/ Symposia on Kurien

Several webinars are being planned leading to the Kurien Mahotsav that would both journey through Kurien's legacy of institution-building under the "Traveling with IRMA" series as well as explore ways by which rural transformation through people's initiatives are being rethought in contemporary India through the "Rethinking Kurien" series.

Following are the upcoming events scheduled to be held in IRMA under the Kurien Mahotsav.

24th November 2021

Technical Session on Linking Dairy Science to Society


The following webinars have been conducted under the two series. You can click on the images to watch the videos of the webinars.

27th October 2021

Webinar on Scaling up Agroecology in Gujarat

12th October 2021

International e-Conference on Water Management in Dairy Sector

21st August 2021

A Dialogue on the Future of Cooperatives in India

22nd July 2021

Rethinking Kurien: Changing Dimensions of Cooperatives and Collectives

20th July 2021

Travelling with Kurien: The Saga of Indian Cooperatives