Computer Centre

IRMA's expansive state-of-the-art computer centre facilitates fast and easy communication through its intranet. The intranet provides online services for the effective administration of academic functions. The computer centre manages 1000-odd hosts in the network with three sub-nets one for faculty & Staff, Students and Employee-Residence. IRMA gets uninterrupted internet services through its 450-Mbps radio link availed from BSNL and VSNL. IRMA's network is technology-intensive providing mail, file, and print services on campus. Wi-Fi facilities are available in the library, student hostel blocks, Classrooms, Faculty Block, , Administrative Block and Executive Training & Development Centre (ETDC). Various software statistical tools such as SPSS, EViews and LISREL are available for conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses and research studies. Three well-equipped laboratories for students, researchers, and participants of various sponsored programmes have been placed in the areas of geographical systems (with ArcGIS) software and business computing. The library's information system online features support user queries and manage library administration. The IRMA alumni network is linked to the IRMA website to facilitate enhanced networking amongst IRMA students and the alumni. Alumni members wishing to interact with the faculty, staff and students are given a permanent email ID. Efforts are on to create a virtual community through a virtual network of IRMA alumni, member organizations, students, and faculty. View Walkthrough