Incubator for Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for Development(ISEED)

IRMA's Incubator ISEED


IRMA’s Incubator for Social Enterprises and Entrepreneurs for Development (ISEED) supports and nurtures early-stage rural, social and collective enterprises. The incubator emerged out of IRMA’s Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises (CSEE) and was launched at IRMA on August 22, 2016, through an international seminar on "Seeding Social Enterprise and Innovation in Universities".

ISEED seeks to co-create a social entrepreneurial ecosystem through its social enterprise and ecosystem partners. It does by providing mentoring and networking, collaborative research, entrepreneurship training and capacity building and supporting innovations. Moreover, ISEED offers its services to its incubated ventures/partners through conversations and visits appropriate to the stage and growth of the enterprise.

ISEED has, in the three years since its inception,  built linkages with co-travellers in different parts of India. ISEED is one of the few incubators that actively promotes co-incubation and shapes the incubation ecosystem for FPOs as startups. Tribal and grassroots entrepreneurship with customized entrepreneurship curriculum in the vernacular and community based rural tourism are some of the newer domains that ISEED works with. The Incubation Centre has trained over 300 entrepreneurs and worked with 15 Social Enterprise partners and 25 ecosystem partners to co-create a vibrant social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Its partners have raised resources, gone to scale, and won national awards.

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