IRMA Alumni Association

The “Institute of Rural Management Alumni Association" is a registered body of 2000 plus alumni. The Association office located in the IRMA Campus, is a non-profit organization, constituted and operated for the advancement of the following key objectives -  

  • It strives to develop a concern for rural problems and further the legitimate interests of the deprived sections of the population, within the overall purpose and objectives of the Institute.
  • To act as a forum for interaction for the Alumni of the Institute.
  • To take up the activities of common interests of Alumni such as :
    • Organizing meetings, seminars, short duration refresher courses, discussions, conferences and other programmes
    • Promotion of the professional interests of its members
    • Inform the members of the recent developments in the field of management and  academics
    • To publish books, journals, magazines and other materials for promoting the objectives of the Association
    • Any other activities which the members of the Association decide upon to further the achievement of the objectives of the Association
    • To achieve on its own or in conjunction with other organization(s) all or any of the objectives of the Association
    • To act as a forum to further the interaction between the Institute and the Alumni of the Institute.


  • The New Executive Committee members of Alumni Association for the current term are -

President: Prasann Thatte (PRM 18)

Vice-President: Meher Gadekar (PRM 5)

Secretary: Ajay Desai (PRM 16)

North Zone Representative: Dr. Ravi Chandra (PRM 25)

South Zone Representative: S. Swaminathan (PRM 19)

East Zone Representative: Aniket Mitra (PRM 32)

West Zone Representative: Ritu Kejriwal (PRM 27)

CFO, IRMA, Ex-Officio Treasurer

Alumni Chair, IRMA: Prof. Sushanta Kumar Sarma