MDPs/ Training Programmes

IRMA-FICC Sponsored Programme

This programme is aimed at capacity-building needs of FICC working executives and the program contents are designed jointly by IRMA-and FICC, as per needs and requirements specified by FICC. Successful participants of the program will be awarded a joint certification by IRMA and FICC attesting to skills acquired during the program.

This 10 months rigorous, fully mentored holistic program will take the work experience of the participants into consideration and will facilitate their understanding to meet various challenges, needs and requirements of FICC. The 10 months program has been divided in 3 terms of nearly 3 months each and final term being of 3 days.

Each program term has 6 days in campus classes during which participants will have to stay within campus housing as provided by IRMA and 2.5 months of off-campus on-the-job learning. Off campus learning, will as far as possible be supported by reading material, web resources and webinars delivered by faculty which the program participants will be required to diligently complete. Participants will be continuously evaluated and examined by faculty during both in-campus and off campus modules. Participants will be provided a performance sheet of their scores in each subject as per evaluation scheme outlined below at the end of the program. If participants wish to share their score sheet with their sponsoring organization at the end of the program, they must specifically give an authorization cum request letter to IRMA to that effect. 

The faculty from the IRMA faculty pool and visiting faculty from industry and academia will facilitate this program.