Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods (CSL)


IRMA has made long standing contribution to the literature and scholarship on livelihoods and it has shaped many practitioners in the field of livelihood promotion. CSL tries to further build on this. CSL will undertake knowledge creation through trans-disciplinary research; knowledge dissemination, policy advocacy and networking for conscientisation; competencies building for professionalisation; and empowering education through integral learning.

CSL is established to provide focused attention and direction to 

  • developing competencies for good governance and efficient management of resources and institutions
  • creating knowledge repository and facilitating dissemination
  • engaging in policy research
  • dialoguing and networking


CSL's mission is To establish best practices in participatory management and governance of resources and institutions for promotion of sustainable livelihoods.

CSL values Participation, Excellence, Innovation, and Integrity in all its endeavours.