Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

Induction Fieldwork Segment (IFS)

As a part of the PGDM (RM), the Induction Fieldwork Segment (IFS) gives the participants a real experience of the lives of under-served communities. Facilitated by IRMA’s partner organizations and major dairy unions, the participants are placed with host families in villages across Gujarat for four-five days. 

The segment is an opportunity for the participants to live among rural households and keenly observe the key and relevant aspects of the village economy, society, and polity. They interact with diverse village communities and stakeholders of the villages to gain a real managerial perspective of emerging markets.  At the end of the IFS, the participants present their observations as - Vignettes of Rural Stories, Picture Stories or Videos. This learning enables them to keep in perspective their classroom learning that is to follow.

Furthermore, the IFS also serves as an orientation and pre-cursor to the eight-week long Village Fieldwork Segment (VFS) that takes place after the first classroom term of PGDM (RM).