Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises (CSEE)

Funding and Supporting Partner

ISEED believes collaboration is the recipe for the social impact of rural and social enterprises to come about. It, thus, works pro-actively with partners towards co-creating value for entrepreneurs on different themes. Some of the partnerships are with

  • ICCO India to mentor its agro-booster in North East India; it also works as a knowledge partner for its Green Business Challenge. 
  • AKRSP (India) to mentor and conduct action research on its Tribal Entrepreneurship Initiative. 
  • Access Livelihood Consulting (ALC) India- IRMA offers a unique certificate course on social enterprises as part of its Transforming India Initiative.
  • Shroff Foundation Trust- CSEE faculty conducted agricultural value chain studies that were followed up with an action research project to enhance returns for tribal farmers of Chhota Udaipur through community level agro-processing centres.
  • JanhitJagran as a knowledge partner for its ongoing initiatives on social enterprise promotion.

ISEED has also been in discussions with Social Enterprise Academy India, India Fellow programme, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, CIEE, and NAARM's incubators.