Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises (CSEE)


ISEED offers its services to its incubatees/partners through conversations and visits appropriate to the stage and growth of the enterprise. ISEED works with both not-for-profit and for-profit social enterprises towards creating a vibrant social entrepreneurial ecosystem. These are some of the enterprises we work with:

1. Earth 360 Eco Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

EARTH360 Eco Ventures, an Anantapur based social enterprise, works on the processing of forgotten minor millets and bringing millets back into the mainstream diet and cropping patterns. ISEED has helped co-develop scale appropriate machines for the millet value chain and helped Earth 360 with action research, documentation, and capacity building of its founders.

2. Sabziwala (Shambhavi Tech Farms Pvt. Ltd.) 

Sabziwala is an agro-supply chain enterprise, focused on fruits and vegetables, which seeks to redefine the value chain for fresh produce in India by creating an inclusive and integrated supply model. ISEED has provided action research and works with Sabziwala on shaping the Farmer Producer Organizations business ecosystem.

3. ONganic Foods Pvt. Ltd.

ONganic Foods is a leading organic foods company from Kolkata that envisions promoting better livelihoods for small holders, health and wellness for consumers, and a sustainable planet. ISEED has worked with Onganic on capacity building as well as on technical and advisory support for its products.

4. Grassroutes Journeys Pvt Ltd.

Grassroutes is a Mumbai-based social enterprise working towards creating livelihood opportunities for rural communities through community based and community managed rural tourism. ISEED enables Grassroutes in its expansion to other states and facilitates outreach through new clients.

5. I-Saksham Education and Learning Foundation

I-Saksham is a non-profit social enterprise based in Bihar that works on ‘in-situ' educational and skill development services, with the aid of digital technology to enterprising young community educators (with mostly SC/ST/BPL background, females, or differently-abled), in remote and backward areas of Bihar. ISEED has built capacities of its founders and mentored and facilitated its pitches to other incubators and funders.

6. Dhwani Rural Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Dhwani RIS is a development-oriented technology start-up founded by IRMA alumni with a vision to provide affordable, integrated, and smart ICT tools for organizations working at BoP levels. ISEED has facilitated access to networks and funding opportunities.

7. Contree Foundation

Contree Foundation is a Jaipur based foundation that designs, develops, and implements creative social and development programmes that leverage the power of collective on-ground efforts of local citizens in terms of solving a wide range of problems related to the general public and underprivileged sections of the society. ISEED has built capacities and confidence of the founding team and linked them to other incubators and funding opportunities.

8. Wonder Grass Initiative Pvt. Ltd.

Wonder Grass, a Nagpur based social enterprise seeks to bring bamboo based building systems into the mainstream of the construction industry. ISEED has helped explore markets for some of its products while providing advisory support to the Founder.

9. ONergy Solar (Punam Energy Pvt Ltd.) 

ONergy Solar is an end-to-end solar solution expert for the designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of O&M solutions for solar rooftop power plants along with solar irrigation pumping, solar lighting, and micro grids.

10. SocioCatalyst

SocioCatalyst is a management consulting firm focused on social development. It helps partners achieve their goals by channelizing the efforts geared towards their transformation and sustained progress. ISEED has helped increase its outreach to NGO and CSR organizations.

11. Ekam Eco Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ekam Eco Solutions was incubated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. It designs and develops products related to ecological sanitation and sustainable living.

12. TallBird Employment Innovations

TallBird, founded by an IRMA alumnus, provides an innovative action-based model that drives better outcomes for the employment and skill sectors.