Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises (CSEE)

Collaborative Workshops

1. National workshop on Incubation of Social Enterprises- Challenges and Opportunities: November 4, 2017 

This workshop was held in collaboration with the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) India and MITRA Technology Foundation. It provided a rare opportunity for incubation managers across the country to interact and learn from each other. 

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2. "Sector Spotlight workshop on Nutrition and Water" by Indian Corporate Action Tank at IRMA: June 16-18, 2017

ISEED collaborated with Yunus Social Business (YSB's) Indian Corporate Action Tank (ICAT) for a sector spotlight workshop on "Nutrition and Water" for senior executives of seven large companies as part of its incubation programme from June 16to June18, 2017.

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3. Curriculum Development Workshop for "Transforming India Initiative" with ALC India (March 20-22 March, 2017)

ISEEDorganized a Curriculum Development Workshop for ALC India's (Access Livelihoods Consulting India Ltd) "Transforming India Initiative" programme. The interactive workshop involving practitioners in diverse fields, experts in similar fellowship programmes, and academicians and investors discussed various dimensions that included personal transformation, practicum structure, assessment framework, candidate selection, programme positioning, and future direction of the programme.