Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprises (CSEE)

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Some of the recent EDPs of ISEED are: 

1. "Building and Managing Social Enterprises" ( September 14- 16, 2017)

The programme evinced greater participation from non-profit organizations and three international partners (Bangladesh and UK) 

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2. "Building and Managing Social Enterprises" (March 4-6, 2017) 

ISEED ‘s first Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) had 14 participants. 

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3. Design Thinking workshop (August 2016)

CSEE organized a two-day Design Thinking workshop for the social enterprises it has been working with on August 20-21, 2016. The workshop was facilitated by Tinkerlabs and CSEE supported its incubatees in tems of building their skills through the workshop which had 13 participants.