Fellowship Programme in Management (Rural Management)

Fellowship and Placement

Fellowship and Fees

FPRM participants receive a fellowship of Rs. 25,000/- per month for the first two years, after which they get Rs. 28,000/- per month for the next two years. Besides, each participant gets a contingency grant of Rs. 20,000/- per year for a period of four years. The fellowship and contingency grants are provided only for four years. Additionally, participants are provided financial support for attending national and international seminars by IRMA. 

Programme Fees

Tuition fees are waived for all participants as a matter of policy. Only fees deducted from the Fellowship amount are in lieu of hostel accommodation, computers, network services and internet services. The service fee structure is depicted in FPRM Fees Structure.


The programme is meant to prepare scholars, teachers, and professionals with doctoral-level education. There is no official placement service under FPRM. The prospective organizations where Fellows could find opportunities include both private and public universities , business schools offering postgraduate level courses in management and rural development areas, government and non-government organizations, state and national level cooperatives and development organizations, funding organizations and donors, and public policy research institutions. Twenty-eight FPRM participants have convocated till the present. They have ended up joining prestigious institutions in teaching and research positions.