Fellow Programme in Management (Rural Management)

Programme Structure

The Structure of the Programme:

The two principal components of the Programme are – Study and research of a rigorous coursework in Rural Management and a doctoral thesis submission.

Coursework Component:

The FPM(RM) coursework curriculum consists of 300 hours (30 credits) coursework requirements that must be completed within 1.5 years. The FPM (RM) level mandatory course will have 270 hours of coursework and a comprehensive examination of 30 hours. The Curriculum consists of four categories of courses:

1) Compulsory courses for all FPM(RM) Fellows (12 credits/120 hours),

2) Area-level theory course for the Fellows of the specific Area (3 credits/30 hours),

3) Elective courses (12 credits/120 hours),

4) Comprehensive (3 credits/30 hours).

5) Proposal Defence

6) Doctoral Colloquiums

7) Publication

8) Thesis Defence

Thesis Component:

The remainder of the second year and subsequent years are devoted to thesis research and writing. Every participant undertakes thesis research, while a two or three member Research Advisory Committee (RAC) is assigned to them. The thesis topic is expected to be in the broad field of rural management focusing on decision-making and managerial analysis. Upon completion, the participant presents a thesis seminar. The thesis seminar is meant to announce the thesis work to a wider audience of scholars and researchers and seek their comments and feedback regarding the thesis work. At the end of the seminar the participant, in consultation with the RAC, incorporates changes, if any, suggested in the seminar and prepares a defensible draft of the thesis.

A Thesis Evaluation Committee (TEC) is constituted for every participant. The TEC consists of the Associate Dean, FPM (RM), the participant's Research Advisory Committee, and two experts on the subject area. The TEC evaluates the thesis and conducts a viva voce before approving the thesis. The successful participant becomes eligible for the award of the title Fellow, Institute of Rural Management, Anand (Fellow, IRMA).


it is mandatory that a doctoral student publishes at least one paper in B-ranked journals (ABDC B or journal with SJR≥ 0.500). Even a provisional degree certificate will not be available to the students unless the publication requirements are fulfilled.

Details of the Fellow Programme in Management (Rural Management) including its conduct, rules, and administration are documented in the FPM (RM) Handbook. A copy of the Handbook is available to participants soon after they join the programme.

Programme Duration:

The FPM (RM) is a full-time programme requiring a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years for completion. The fellowship is available for a maximum duration of five years.  Monthly fellowship of INR 35,000 until proposal defence. It will be increased after proposal defense and attractive assistance for participation in conferences and for fieldwork