Fellow Programme in Management (Rural Management)

About FPM(RM)

Fellow Programme in Management - FPM (RM) is a doctoral-level programme in Rural Management approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). FPM (RM) is for aspirants and professionals seeking careers in research, teaching, and specialized knowledge based positions in institutions of higher learning, research, and development organizations. 

FPM (RM) is a doctoral/Ph.D. level research programme in Rural Management leading to the title of "Fellow in Management (Rural Management)". It has a minimum residency requirement of three years. Participants of the programme get associated with one basic disciplinary area even though the topic of research they pursue could have interdisciplinary perspectives. In order to make it more resilient, the FPM (RM) curriculum has been recently redesigned based on the recommendations of a review committee. The curriculum of 2018 carries many of the new features recommended.

Overall Goals of the Progamme:

  • Promote scholarship and build knowledge in the field of Rural Management;
  • Develop scholars and teachers in Rural Management; and
  • Stimulate academic and research work in IRMA.

Specific Objectives of the Progamme:

  • Facilitate the development of academic/scholarly orientation among participants;
  • Provide guidance in identifying research areas/topics and in the development of research proposals, conducting research, and thesis writing;
  • Promote an inter-disciplinary orientation among the participants;
  • Provide a boost to the scholarship and pedagogy of the Institute by linking and contributing to the academic processes; and
  • Foster a rich academic environment with a concern strongly aligned with the Institute's mission.