Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

Abhyudaya – Development & Public Policy Club

"The unique strength of IRMA is its concern with integrating development and management in all its endeavours and activities."

The name ‘Abhyudaya' translates, among other things, to ‘prosperity'. While the word ‘development' may have multiple meanings, ‘prosperity' can only be an outcome of the process of development. History has taught us that there is no single path towards achieving prosperity. The comprehensive curriculum followed at IRMA gives diverse perspectives to its participants about the word ‘development'. Abhyudaya, the development and public policy club of IRMA, was established in 2017 in response to the ever increasing curiosity of the participants regarding the development and public policy sector.
The process of learning is expedited when classroom learning and real world experience go hand in hand. Abhyudaya is, first and foremost, a platform of learning for diverse minds with diverse perspectives about the development and public policy sector. Its purpose is to act as a facilitator for learning with the help of healthy debates and discussions between participants, faculty, and sectorial experts.

The broad aim of Abhyudaya is twofold:

i. To work towards ensuring better learning for its members. The club intends to enhance the learning experience of its members by conducting various events. Abhyudaya has hosted sessions headed by the faculty in order to create interest within participants in the field. We hope to host sessions by stalwarts of the industry within and without IRMA in future.

ii. To work towards ensuring better career opportunities for its members. Abhyudaya envisages enhancing the employability of its members so that they are relevant in the job market. Abhyudaya intends to do this by conducting various workshops that will help the members understand the current requirements in the sector while honing their technical skills.
This two-pronged approach will help members acquire a thorough understanding of the public policy and development sector and equip them for the challenges of the future.