Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)


IRMA Social Entrepreneurship Cell, shortened to iSEC, is one of the student bodies of IRMA. Conceived by students of the batch of 2012-14 (PRM 33), this student body was envisioned to become a pioneer ideating socially impacting ventures that are sustainable and follow sustainable practices. Hence, several facets of every idea would be brought out and discussed thereby giving the budding entrepreneur tremendous exposure.

It gives impetus to the mission of IRMA by facilitating the creation of effective and scalable organizations; mainly social organizations by being a launching pad for innovative and comprehensively designed development interventions. iSEC derives its values and motivation from the sacrosanct legacy that the India's milkman has left behind.

Participants or alumni requiring incubation for their business plans will be, initially, required to submit the plan in a proposed format. Depending on the functional field of the plan a group will be constituted comprising the entrepreneur, member of executive committee, and an alumnus or expert from the field. This team, after having evaluated the plan will conduct the following: pre-incubation feasibility, identification of risk factors and mechanisms for their containment, incubation, implementation of plan, and evaluate post-incubation success.

On the anvil are visits to smart villages, co-operatives and organizations working for sustainable development. Sharing of innovative ideas, case study presentations, panel discussions, theme-based seminars and contests for rural intervention plans are some of the activities that will be a part of iSEC's future course of action.

Mentors and experts across India will provide hand-holding, mentoring, and networking support to innovative start-ups through a country-wide structured network studded with mentors comprising the alumni and faculty mainly. They will help aspiring entrepreneurs through advisory support on various strategic and operational decisions. The entrepreneurs may also be trained for essential skills in Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations and so on.


The vision of iSEC is to become a centre of innovation and a knowledge hub with the added value of support and informational services propelling the growth of development ventures.


The mission of iSEC is to provide a distinct framework at the institutional level to both nurture new ideas and provide adequate support for their holistic development. The cell also seeks to invite eminent social entrepreneurs for interactive sessions at IRMA in order to channelize the budding ideas and enthusiasm of the students. The cell also focuses on organizing various activities to a give a hands-on experience to the budding social entrepreneurs.

Email: secell@irma.ac.in

Club Members:

Event coordinator: Nivedha - p40089@irma.ac.in

Media coordinator: Rosy - p40203@irma.ac.in

                         Hunais - p40076@irma.ac.in

Logistics: Aayush - p40163@irma.ac.in

        Chitra - p40173@irma.ac.in

PR: Chaithanya - p40119@irma.ac.in

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isec-irma-social-entrepreneurship-cell-133446112

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isec_irma/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/IRMA.iSEC