Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

VFS Journal

The village fieldwork segment is a nostalgic journey for every IRMAn. It enriches us as a participant of rural management and gifts us with a milieu of memories.

It is a fascinating voyage as the people they meet become the protagonists and characters of the stories that inspire them. The never-ending conversations, the surprise entries, the households’ trials, the invisible influences and the mingling interactions with strangers make the VFS experience unique.

In order to etch these reminiscences in the heart of IRMA, the members of the Magazine Committee of PGDM(RM) 38 (batch of 2019) comprising of Ekta Rawat and Akil Nayak, brought out a VFS Coffee Table Book.

The Magazine Committee of PGDM(RM) 39 (batch of 2020) comprising of Ashish Jalli, Shivangi Wadhwa and Susmit Biswas, transformed it into a journal that beautifully encapsulates pictures which reflect the keen observations and learnings of PGDM(RM) 39 participants.

You can check out these and the subsequent issues in the next tabs.

You can also check out the latest VFS Journal by the PGDM(RM) 42 team of editors Prakhar Prateek, Shaurya Sharma and sub-editors Ankit Subarno, Aashna Sharma, Mohanpriya Srinivasan, Pulkit Prasad, Shreyanshu Singh and Shreya Jain , by clicking on the image below: