Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

Nishadya – Marketing club

The genesis of Nishadaya is owed to the Academic Committee of PRM 35, which came up with the idea of floating a club for would-be marketing professionals. The idea was tossed around batch members and, subsequent to several rounds of fruitful discussions, Nishadaya turned into a reality.

Membership to the club was restrained, initially, to those who were passionate about the concept and were willing to work towards the club's initiatives. Entries were limited as a result. The formalization of the club structure, subsequently, necessitated elections. Nishadya, hence, became the first club at IRMA to have a democratic body in place along with its own set of general rules and by-laws.

One of the major events to be conceptualized by the club's founding members was "Markathon", an event that blended classroom learning with IRMA's ideologies.

The club is mentored by Prof. Pratik Modi and Prof. Preeti Priya.

To become the best resource tool for would-be marketing professionals, enabling them to sharpen their knowledge and skills in the area for future career opportunities.


To prepare participants for meaningful careers in the field of marketing, by providing academic and networking assistance through interactive learning sessions hosted by experts, practitioners, and professionals.

Road Ahead

Nishadya is a non-profit student association, a student forum supporting the exchange of marketing ideas. It focuses on training participants in the field by acquainting them with the topics and trends involved, improving requisite skills for succeeding in the marketing domain, and honing participant capabilities with the right mix of tools that could lead to premier marketing positions. The club positions are meant to serve as interactive platforms engaging the current participants and faculty members in meaningful discourses, not to forget the star-studded IRMA alumni whose roots in the marketing arena stretch right across the globe.

Nishadya follows an open system ideology, always willing to entertain a free flow of new ideas and exchange of fresh information.

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Riddhi Chakraborty - 09163871941

Siddharth Harish - 09990391022

Pravin Jadhav - 08698773587

Poonam Sankhe - 09892158208