Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)

IRMA Natya Manch - INAM

"Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about the world we aspire to" - Willem Dafoe

Theatre is a reflection of the society one lives in. It is more than a collaborative exercise engaging actors to represent real life experiences. Derived from the Greek term theaomai, which means "to look closely", theatre sensitizes both the actors and audiences to social and individual issues through association.

In a bid to strengthen IRMA's involvement with this sublime art form, PRM 37 students floated a dramatic club, called the IRMA Natya Manch (INAM), in 2017. The rationale behind its creation was assorted since it included presenting stimuli that would astonish, challenge, and delight while provoking thoughtfulness.

INAM is a platform wherein participants can experience the power of theatrical expression while bringing social issues affecting the masses to light. It encourages both compassion and tolerance in participants and the audience by helping them to relate with greater sensitivity to different situations, backgrounds, and cultures.

Guided by these principles INAM has rolled out performances related to theatre forms including ‘Nukkad Natak' and stage plays serving to highlight some critical issues ailing our society. INAM aspires to stage meaningful performances and help participants develop the ability of self-expression through acting, seminar discussions, workshops, review writing, script interpretation, and technical proficiency in set, costume and light design.

INAM's aim is to provide a platform where participants come and learn the art of observation, creative thinking and teamwork.