Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Rural Management)


Jooz-i, a student-run enterprise was started by the 38th batch of PGDRM to serve fresh fruit juices to the participants in IRMA. Taking the initiative forward, Jooz-i also now procures and delivers fresh fruits. The next milestone is to start serving healthier snack alternatives to the participants. Jooz-i also puts up its stall during on-campus events organized by other clubs and also during other special events like New Year celebrations, Blood Donation camp etc.

The mission of Jooz-i is to satisfy the unmet needs of participants in the campus through operations involving meaningful value addition. Jooz-i also helps to equip its members with the spirit of entrepreneurship by exposing them to the challenges of sustaining a business venture.  

The vision of Jooz-i is to diversify the current offerings and expand the services offered to the participants. Jooz-i also envisions to be a self-sustaining enterprise with standardized operations which encourages innovation and application of the acquired academic knowledge in real world business.

Email: joozi@irma.ac.in

Committee Members:

Mahendar – p40020@irma.ac.in

Ardhra Prakash – p40009@irma.ac.in

Meenal Agarwal – p40186@irma.ac.in

Parvathy G – p40031@irma.ac.in

Masoom Ghanshyam Vyas – p40084@irma.ac.in

Vijay S – p40052@irma.ac.in

Abhishek Ranjan – p40003@irma.ac.in

Ayushi Kalra – p40171@irma.ac.in